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Curriculum vitae Dr. Katharina Kopp

Senior Consultant of One Health Pathogenomics Consulting

Katharina Kopp is a veterinary doctor (doctorate in 1994), field epidemiologist (postgraduate diploma in 1996), and bioinformatician (BSc in 2011) with professional experience (>25 years) in infectious diseases (virology, microbiology, parasitology, immunology, epidemiology, and “one health”). She is dedicated to contribute to cutting-edge research on zoonotic new and emerging diseases in field investigations as well as in emergency response and preparedness.


Katharina has conducted basic research on development, evaluation, and assessment of field-ready molecular diagnostic assays in high-containment laboratories. She has gained field experience with viral hemorrhagic fever viruses, HIV, zoonotic microbes and parasites, mainly in remote regions of East Africa (> 12 years).


Currently, she is working as senior consultant in her own company “One Health Pathogenomics Consulting” in several projects on pathogen discovery and natural host identification of emerging and neglected tropical infectious diseases.


Rosseta Faculty Trainer

Katharina is providing on-site training of trainers (biosafety, biosecurity, bioinformatics, and diagnostics) as well as raising community awareness by shuttling between East Africa and Germany. She is a member of the Rosseta Training Faculty, a team of 48 experts, from 21 countries, who are specialized in various public health related fields, and covering 26 different languages.


In addition, she is regularly reporting zoonotic infectious disease news as EpiCore Global Surveillance Project member to the daily Internet-based Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases (ProMed). She has been volunteering as coach of youth sports groups from Kenya, Uganda, and Democratic Republic of Congo as well as in community-based wildlife conservation since 1995.



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